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Creations in Stained & Fused Glass

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Fused Photo Plates
I can take your Wedding Invitations, Graduation Announcements, old Photos, New Digital Photos and add them to the glass of your choice to create memorable keepsakes. I have provided samples of various options on 7 inch square wave plates for your consideration. All plates are food safe, are done in a sepia tone on a 7 inch square wave edge plate.  Custom plates starting at $35 each plus shipping..Your original documents or photos will be returned with your keepsake. If I can be of help, please use the Contact Us link to drop me an email or email me directly at:
Wedding Invitations or Graduation Announcements
Wedding or graduation announcements, what a perfect gift for the bridal pair or the graduate. You can be sure that no one will give a duplicate of this keepsake gift.
Photographs, digital or scanned from old originals
Capture wedding, graduation, old family photos or digital images and preserve them in a plate, making them a keepsake. Items can be personalized with names, dates, any any other text to preserve the event and the date in this commemorative plate.