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Fused Glass Photo Plates can be created to commemorate or celebrate any special occassion. Fused Photo Plates can combine pictures and verbiage to identify the special date and/or event. The Fused Photo Plates that are currently created fit into one of three categories: 1) Blenko Glass Photo Fused Plates, 2) Wedding Invitations, Graduation Announcements, Baby Shower or others, and 3) Photos either digital or photo prints from events such as weddings, graduations, anniversary photos, births, etc. All plates are food safe, are done in a sepia tone on a 7 inch square wave edge plate with Blenko Plates priced at $30 and Custom plates priced at $35 each plus shipping.
Blenko Glass Photo Fused Plates are available in several styles and themes. Plates available are those of the Blenko workers performing their craftman techniques of casting, blowing and finishing Blenko blown glass pieces. They also include those from special events, such as the manufacture and display of the 2011 West Virginia Birthday piece, 2011 Festival of Glass piece and other general photos. If the pictures you would like to have are not in the Blenko plates for sale section please contact us for special orders. While my website offers a few of the many Blenko Glass plates available. Others are available by special order.
Additionally I can take your Wedding Invitations, Graduation Announcements, Baby Shower Announcement , etc and place them on the glass of your choice to create memorable keepsakes. I have provided samples of various options on 7 inch square wave plates for your consideration. Your original documents or photos will be returned with your keepsake. Please contact us for special orders.
Photo plates can be created by using your old print photos, digital photo images, etc and placing them on the glass of your choice. Your original photos will be returned with your keepsake and as with all other plate options there are many choices in the color of the glass available. Please contact us for special orders.
All photos, invitations and other images placed on ruffled plates will be a sepia tone, as shown in the photographs. Glass plate colors will vary and I will try to accomodate your request for specific colors, depending on the glass that is available at the time. Plates are food safe. If I can be of help, please use the Contact Us link to drop me an email or email me directly at: